Our Vision

To be a welcoming, joyful community; igniting hearts and minds for God’s work.

Reconciling Statement

Recognizing that we are all children of God and individuals of sacred worth, we welcome all God’s people. We are called to practice unconditional love, and therefore we accept all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identities. By declaring ourselves to be a Reconciling Congregation, Fairmount Avenue United Methodist Church joins many other United Methodist churces in working to eliminate prejudice and discriminatory practices in ourselves and our communities.

(passed by congregational vote May 20, 2012)

A United Methodist Church

Fairmount Avenue is a United Methodist Church in the Wesleyan Tradition.  We are joyfully part of the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  The United Methodist Church is an historic tradition that is strongly rooted in personal faith, justice work, and connected worship.  United Methodist founder, John Wesley, put forth three simple ‘rules’ for the Christ followers, “Do no harm. Do good. Attend to the ordinances of God.”  These principles guide us as a church as we seek to be a community that is welcoming to all, intentionally seeks God, and works for God’s vision of wholeness for all people to be realized in the world.

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